IMG0254 "Shetani bush feasting"

Shetani and bush feasting:  the demon, malevolent and feared, yet so popular in East African carving, is represented here as a demon from which nothing will escape. Not even the mighty lion can oppose the devil. Powerless and inferior, he has to endure what is happening and let himself be eaten. The selected proportions of the two actors are no coincidence. Due to the small format of the lion and its multiple of the devil, the dimension becomes very clear and underlines the superiority of Shetani in this size ratio.

The carving technique used:

The surface of the entire figure bears the so-called "skinning", i. H. with fine tools, the surface is provided with hairline cuts, which in turn emphasize shades. When looking at the sculpture, these subtle bumps set the dynamics and liveliness in scene very naturally and the contours are underlined in a very balanced way by a slight shimmering shine.

A small pedestal for the actors was processed with somewhat coarser incisions and supplemented to match the selected carving style.

The sculpture consists of a solid piece of wood. No elements were connected to each other by gluing or fixing.

Artist: Rich

Material: Solid ebony, from the core of the tree, therefore natural black color without white inclusions

Year: without specification

Size: Height: 23cm Width: 16cm Depth: 10cm