About us

African Coffee & Art Team

Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Togo... We all know these countries and a few more from the map. However, what we rarely consider or know about is the art and culture of these countries. The challenge that arises: to make the artistic and cultural side of African countries and peoples better known in Germany; to offer her a room, a place and an opportunity to get to know each other.

That is the essence of African Coffee & Art.


It all began in 1989 with a spontaneous honeymoon in Mali that went completely a flop and an affinity for Africa that remained in the heart. For more than 30 years, the attraction for Africa lay dormant. And suddenly a spontaneous visit to one of the many art galleries in Arusha, surrounded by the smell of freshly roasted coffee that awakened the desire to bring a piece of African culture to Germany. A painting of a Maasai warrior, a mysterious Makonde wooden sculpture and a gift bag of raw coffee were a perfect blend of ingredients which gave birth to my project and allows the facetted diversity of the black continent to shine as tanzanite and diamond sparkle in the light of a rainbow.

Ela Pepmöller

Business PARTNER

Fréydun has been there from the start and is responsible for our own African Coffee & Art roastery, where we process our coffee that is delivered from Tanzania, Ivory Coast and Kenya. In Bochum, he takes a look at the freshly arrived coffee beans every day and ensures that everything runs smoothly and is shipped.

Fréydun Ghoffrani